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On March 19, 2019, the webinar: “Is there an Alternative to Egg Donation?” was held. This event united people who considered the use of donor oocyte for the treatment of infertility or the prevention of mitochondrial pathology and leading world-class experts from Ukrainian and Israel. Dr. Valeriy Zukin, director of the clinic of reproductive medicine NADIYA, started a webinar on the topic: “ART today: from selection to improving the quality of embryos”. Dr. Doron Goldberg, Israel, has analyzed the prospects: “Nuclear transfer as a possible egg donation alternative: Where are we now?” Dr. Pavel Itsykson, embryologist, lab director, IVF Unit, Assuta Rishon, Israel, reported on the topic: “Nuclear transfer - selection criteria for the embryologist”. Pavlo Mazur, senior research embryologists, clinic of reproductive medicine NADIYA gave an explanation in detail of: “Nuclear transfers - how are they made?” Dmytro Mykytenko, executive director of DL-NADIYA completed the program on an important topic: “Genetic safety of nuclear transfers”. The webinar ended with interesting questions from the participants.