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Nuclear Transfer Background

Nuclear transfer — is a unique approach to the treatment of infertility: it gives hope to give birth to a genetically native child to couples, to whom the reproductive medicine previously could only offer donor eggs. For today, 2 types of nuclear transfers have been successfully implemented — at the stage of the spindle (John Zang, 2016) and the pronuclear transfer (clinic Nadiya, 2017). The third way — the transfer of genetic material before the time of full maturation — is in the active stage of the scientific experiment and we hope in the near future to be able to help many women under the age of 42 and the birth of a healthy native child without donation of eggs.


Spindle transfer

Pronuclear transfer

M1 transfer

Who and how can we help?

  • Women with mitochondrial diseases
  • Couples with the block of embryo development
  • Women under 42 years of age without egg donation