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Revisiting Germinal Vesicle Transfer as a Treatment
for Aneuploidy in Infertile Women with Diminished Ovarian Reserve — Article

This report summarizes an update on the recent findings on GV transfer pertaining to improving meiotic resump- tion and ability of immature oocytes to mature. It also addresses mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy as a challenge in GV transfer technology. / John Zhang // Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014

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Live birth derived from oocyte spindle transfer to prevent mitochondrial disease — Article

KEY MESSAGE — We report a live birth after oocyte spindle transfer to prevent transmission of the mitochondrial disease, Leigh syndrome. / John Zhang, Hui Liu, Shiyu Luo, Zhuo Lu,
Alejandro Chávez-Badiola, Zitao Liu, Mingxue Yang, Zaher Merhi, Sherman J Silber, Santiago Munné, Michalis Konstandinidis, Dagan Wells, Taosheng Huang
// 2017 Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd

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