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On September 17, 2018, an interview was conducted on the channel UA:Pershy with the participation of Executive Director of “Darwin Life-Nadiya” Dmytro Mykytenko, MD, D.Sc. and Embryologist of the Clinic of reproductive medicine “Nadiya” Pavlo Mazur. The interviewers discussed the top theme about the newest method of infertility treatment - Nuclear transfer. Dr. Mykytenko has described the current trends and risk factors of reproductive health, indications, limitations and possible nuclear transfer risks in the concept of modern reproductive genetics. Pavlo Mazur especially noted that nuclear transfer is not a genetic modification of embryos and may be the only alternative method of infertility treatment in selected clinical cases where oocyte donation may be unacceptable for a couple. Specialists have specified that these cases include: high risk of mitochondrial pathology for offspring; early block of oocyte maturation / embryo development; repeated implantation failure at the euploid embryo transfer.