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Nuclear Transfer Background

Nuclear transfer — is a unique approach to the treatment of infertility: it gives hope to give birth to a genetically native child to couples, to whom the reproductive medicine previously could only offer donor eggs. For today, 2 types of nuclear transfers have been successfully implemented — at the stage of the spindle (John Zang, 2016) and the pronuclear transfer (clinic Nadiya, 2017). The third way — the transfer of genetic material before the time of full maturation — is in the active stage of the scientific experiment and we hope in the near future to be able to help many women at the age above 42 years old and the birth of a healthy native child without donation of eggs.


Spindle transfer

Pronuclear transfer

M1 transfer

Who and how can we help?

  • Women with mitochondrial diseases
  • Couples with the block of embryo development
  • Women under 42 years of age without egg donation

World Map of Our Patients

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About us

Darwin Life-Nadiya is a united team of US and Ukrainian scientists who have combined experience in molecular genetics, embryology and human reproduction to develop the newest methods for achieving the pregnancy with a healthy baby in women with the high risk of mitochondrial pathology in their offspring, as well as in complicated cases of infertility forms with high genetic risk. Experimental technology of the nuclear transfer allows:

  • to receive a genetically native embryo for parents with healthy mitochondria in case of the high risk transmission of mitochondrial pathology;
  • to reduce the risk of egg meiotic chromosomal abnormalities associated with age factors;
  • minimize the genetically-associated effects of the block maturation of eggs and development of embryos.

Board of directors

Dr. John Zhang
MD, PhD, MSc, Chief Medical Officer, CEO of Darwin Life
Dr. Valery Zukin
MD, PhD, Director of Nadiya clinic of reproductive medicine

Scientific committee

Hui Liu
MD, MSc,Darwin life Chief Research Scientist, USA
Dmytro Mykytenko
M. D., D. Sc., Assoc. Prof., National Medical University, Department of Social Medicine and Public Health
Stoyana Alexandrova
PhD, Darwin life Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager, USA
Pavlo Mazur
Senior Research embryologists, Clinic of reproductive medicine NADIYA, Ukraine
Lada Dyachenko
Research embryologists, Clinic of reproductive medicine NADIYA, Ukraine
Zhuo Lu
PhD, Senior Embryologist, New Hope Fertility Center, USA