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Controversial IVF technique produces a baby girl — CNN

It was a first for the entire world: Using a controversial in vitro fertilization technique, doctors in Kiev, Ukraine, helped a previously infertile couple conceive and deliver a baby girl.

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Technique for ‘three-parent baby’ revealed — Science Daily

Details of a pioneering IVF technique using mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) have been revealed, giving hope to those families with inheritable mitochondrial disorders that they may be able to have healthy children in the future.

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The Doctor Who Delivered The World’s First ‘Three-Person’ Baby — OZY.COM

When reproductive endocrinologist John Zhang introduced a new in vitro fertilization technique at a medical conference in China in 1997, the audience responded with snickers and modest applause.
Twenty years later, Zhang, 53, made headlines when his team announced the delivery of the world’s first “three-person” baby using a version of the procedure known as mitochondrial replacement therapy.

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First baby born using 3-parent technique to treat infertility — New Scientist

This is the first baby to be born using a particular "3-parent-baby" technique to treat infertility. With the help of this method, a 34-year-old woman who had suffered from infertility for more than 15 years gave birth to a healthy baby that's genetically her own.

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Revisiting Germinal Vesicle Transfer as a Treatment
for Aneuploidy in Infertile Women with Diminished Ovarian Reserve — Article

This report summarizes an update on the recent findings on GV transfer pertaining to improving meiotic resump- tion and ability of immature oocytes to mature. It also addresses mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy as a challenge in GV transfer technology. / John Zhang // Springer Science+Business Media New York 2014

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Live birth derived from oocyte spindle transfer to prevent mitochondrial disease — Article

KEY MESSAGE — We report a live birth after oocyte spindle transfer to prevent transmission of the mitochondrial disease, Leigh syndrome. / John Zhang, Hui Liu, Shiyu Luo, Zhuo Lu,
Alejandro Chávez-Badiola, Zitao Liu, Mingxue Yang, Zaher Merhi, Sherman J Silber, Santiago Munné, Michalis Konstandinidis, Dagan Wells, Taosheng Huang
// 2017 Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd

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